Monday, November 30, 2015

How to write Urdu in Photoshop

urdu in photoshop

Photoshop in one of the famous designing software of the world, every single day thousand of graphics creating using it, Photoshop is a product of Adobe who has many other designing related products such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, fireworks and Dreamweaver etc. There are many advantages of using Photoshop, For example you can find and download thousand of free ... Read More »

Write Urdu in Facebook


From long time we have use InPage to write Urdu in our computer, InPage is the first and only Software where you can write Urdu and compose your documents. InPage is a paid software not free, InPage is Still used in the Industry level for writing Urdu. But now a days Unicode Urdu is popular, using InPage you can write ... Read More »

Open Youtube in Pakistan without Software


Youtube is banned in Pakistan since 17 September 2012 after the website did not remove the trailer of Sam Bacile’s Innocence of Muslims, but it is one of the most visited website in Pakistan. Even after banning Youtube is on top ranking website in Pakistan, its not a just entertainment website it is a great platform for learning, millions of ... Read More »

How to Speed Up Your PC Urdu Tutorial


How to Speed Up Your PC Urdu Tutorial Yesterday one of iturduvideos visitor message me  that he have a good Hardware combination computer but the computer speed quit slow. He facing too many problems, before some days after facing these type of problems he reinstall windows. After reinstalling windows computer was working nice, but after one week he facing problems ... Read More »

How to Make PayPal account in Pakistan in Urdu tutorial


Yesterday one of my blog visitor send me a message on facebook “How to Make PayPal account in Pakistan”, PayPal is a famous online money transactions, if you are online freelancer or online publisher you must have PayPal account for you transactions. Even if you want to shop something online there is thousands of online store where you can buy ... Read More »

How to Set Up Custom Domain name in Blogger


How to Set Up Custom Domain name in Blogger hi friends, I have a plan in my mind start blogging tutorial on WordPress in urdu but yesterday I receive a message from my website visitor about blogger and he ask me that “ How to Set Up Custom Domain name in Blogger ” , as everybody know about blogspot , ... Read More »

How to add Password In Winrar Urdu Tutorial

Password in winrar urdu Assalam O Alaikum! today i want to share with you an old trick for adding password to you files or folders, i used this method for long time , everybody copy personal and important data to his computer, there is so many way to protect you data and at this time too many software available for ... Read More »